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Ravvij --- The new reaper of Halloween night. CH.1 Empty Ravvij --- The new reaper of Halloween night. CH.1

Post by Ravvij on Sun Oct 19, 2008 11:40 am

"There are two ledgends to halloween. Did you know that?
The first was of Jack of the lanter. A man, they say, tricked the devil twice and was banished from both heavin and hell. The devil sent Jack away from hell for tricking him, but jack could not follow the dark and windy path back to our world. He went back to the devil and asked for a light. The devil showed an undevil-like manner and tossed Jack an ember from hells fire. Jack placed the fire in a turnip he'd been eating. Thus he was doomed to wander the darkness, trying always to come back to the world of the living.
The other ledgend was more truth. On halloween night, marauders and evil souls would enter a town. If a jackolantern was placed out side of a home that ment that there was a young virgin waiting, unwillingly or not, to be desecrated and sacrificed.
All this started in Iriland. My home. None of those old stories are told anymore and none of those traditions have been practiced in hundreds of years.
No one remembers them...untill now. Now that HE is here.
"I don't want to die..." he once said, praying to whatever diety might hear him. But, only a devil heard his call. He was reborn as a servant of the shadows. Collecting fear, hate, malice, pain, and every unimaginable sound of suffering. All those, stored in his jackolantern head as memories to echo in his skull. Forever reminding him that he was still alive.
Before long his flesh rotted away and only his bones, and that acursed pumpkin head that kept him alive, remained.
On halloween nights and any night with an unlucky number he appears. Collecting the suffering of others and listening for the evil of the living he wanders the streets. If he found a jackolantern with an unevil face on a door step, or in the window of a house, he released upon all the dwellers of that house all the misfortunes that could be. All except...a virgin girl, the girl who was said to be offered to evil that night. Thus, she was safe from his power of misfortune.
If you meet him at night, don't talk to him. If he talks to you, answer him and run. Why are we afraid? No one knows who his true alligence is to...a devil...or himself.
His name is Ravvij. How do I know? Well...because I met him. His power passed over me and destroyed my hate filled family."

"Tonight...this halloween night...it's going to be one hell of a party!" Ravvij laughed as he walked out of the land of the dead and into the shadows of the living.

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