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Rules of these forums. Empty Rules of these forums.

Post by Ravvij on Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:50 am

No extreme swearing!
(No swearing above Shit, Damn, Hell, or Crap)

No overly errotic posts; unless it's a discussion.
(Nothing beyond Kissing, Toutching, Feeling, or "Removing Clothes".)
(Also, no "Playing" with eachothers characters in-detail. Such as mentioning how your character could be toutching another characters gennitals, nipples, etc.)

Treating other members with respect! DO IT!
(Not showing respect to someone -or their characters- will possibly get you banned.)

Spell Checking/Grammar
(Please use correct spelling and grammar unless it is part of a Joke, Speech pattern for a character, are just unskilled in spelling.)

Dual Posting
(Please try to avoid doing this. Also, posting more than 2 times in a row will get you a warning...anything passed that, you will be banned.)

(Religion has caused too many problems in forum sites. Thus, talking about religion is banned -except through PMs- and will be deleted A.S.A.P.!)

No God-Modding Please!
I'll post more as things come up.

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